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Our mission is to be the most successful maritime agency in the Adriatic in the quality of our services and the long-term satisfaction of our clients, partners, associates, and employees. We have proven that we can meet the highest criteria to satisfy all the needs of our clients all the time because with us you will never sail alone.

VISION: "Our vision is to help our clients create unforgettable moments."

Simmor Marine Ltd. began operating in 2004, when Croatia had not yet recognized the significance of mega yachting. It was founded by Captain Andrija Šimić, who after an successful career in the navy and yachts, entered the world of mega yachting with the goal of providing the highest level of quality service to valued mega yachting clients, regardless of the size of the yacht, through his experience and knowledge. By intensive market development and successful business operations, Simmor Marine Ltd. has become a crucial partner in the Croatian market and is now a part of the Adriatic Yachting Alliance.

Adriatic Yachting Alliance is established in 2005 by association of three Yacht Agencies as a response to increased necessity of shore-based arrangements for mega yacht arrivals in the Adriatic, and to improve services which the yacht owners, crew and their guests need. By uniting the founder experiences, whose enduring work in Yachting business guarantees the quality, safety and reliability, we have raised the level of yacht service to highest standards. We are now covering full service in the entire Adriatic, including Monte Negro and the Italian coast of Adriatic. We are ready to response to all demands of our clients at any time.

At present, about 250 yachts in the Adriatic enjoy the quality service, discretion, and transparent business operations of Simmor Marine and A.Y.A., which is why we've become one of the leading Yacht agencies in Croatia.

Words from the owner

In 2004, after 11 years of working on boats and yachts, I decided to open a yacht assistance agency in Croatia. The decision wasn't easy. Croatia had just been re-discovered as an elite nautical tourism destination, but our ports and marinas, and the people working in them, were still unfamiliar with the great demands of this branch of elite tourism.

I had a clear vision of how I wanted my agency to function. I eliminated all the things that I didn't like in other agencies that I had used for many years and implemented others that excited me about them. I then incorporated the specific services I thought would be of the greatest benefit to my clients in the Croatian market.

I wanted the agency to be infused with a maritime spirit, so that clients would realize that we're not only agents who will book them a place in marinas, a good restaurant or plane tickets. Instead, we are here to assist them with local navigation knowledge, weather conditions, and Croatian maritime laws and we're here to suggest the most beautiful locations to visit during their brief stay here. Croatia has 1,185 islands and 4,385 kilometers of beautiful coastline, so it is extremely important to give clients the right information about where to sail and what to see. On average, most of our clients have seven days to sail around Croatia. However, to visit all these beautiful islands and coastline you would need a few years! The difference between average and unforgettable sailing in the Adriatic is in the minute details, in the last-minute changes to navigation plans because weather conditions have changed, in choosing the most beautiful coves with the most beautiful sunsets, in those little things that only locals know.

One of the most important changes that Simmor made was to ensure that every client can afford the services of the agency, regardless of the size of his yacht. The smallest yacht we assist is 15 meters long, while the largest one is 107 meters, but both feel as if they are the most important yachts in the world.

Today, we are facing new challenges. In 2011, we started Simmor Yacht Supply because we wanted to bring the same level of personal professionalism to the delicate job of providing outstanding food and beverages, using the same philosophy as in years past - perfect service at normal prices.

Thanks to our many loyal clients, Simmor Marine has now sailed in smooth waters for many years. I never imagined that ten years could pass by so quickly.

Our motto is "You’ll never sail alone."

We at Simmor live that motto with all our heart.


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